I am a Grandmother. This is the best time of my life.

I have decided this is incredibly special and I learn something new every single day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blurb and other things

I have a book started...It's been started for several years and it is an easy little book. How to make sweaters for little dogs with nice photos, which I can do, to make it a nice gift book. This is the start of one piece (on the little dog, trying to swim her way out of grandchild's arms), cashmere, and it will have stitching, and perhaps a pocket. I love the sweaters, use them all the time myself, why can't I get going on it? It rattles my mind and blows my sensibilities!
During the time that V naps would be a great time to finish this book; but I am knitting a scarf (yes, a silly scarf) for my husband and one that matches J's coat for next winter. NEXT winter, I don't even have to do this now...I shake my head at myself.

seems like 5 am.... dark and stormy

Yes, I arise at 7 to do these few days of babysitting every week. I know that i need to get everything done before V arrives. So, I do the floors everyday she comes so she will not be picking up dirt and eating it, I make the bed, do wash and get out everything that I stow away the night before. Do we all do this? I attempted to walk the dog with child on my hip like I always do when I think it will be quick. Not quick, horribly cold and windy, sick baby, and so, I did the logical thing. I hooked my 4 1/2 pound Yorkshire Terrier up on the front lawn, despite the hawk that continually circles above him and periodically swoops down.Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keeping me young...holding these babies close.

Oh My God. It is the middle of the day, I have been up and down the stairs carrying my 20 pound beautiful grandchild so many times that I KNOW I will be able to ski this year. My legs are strong and my arms...well, 20 pounds!
V has a cold, I am going from her play/sleep room to the living room, to the storage areas trying to find things to make her forget her nose. This lovely little nose is running like a triathlete. I know she is miserable. I forgot how to help this, I just want to rock her but that seems to make her more uncomfortable, so I have pulled out every toy that is safe for her 9 months that she has not yet seen. Toys left over from 8 years ago when I was already probably too old to do this. Aren't grand children supposed to come in bunches, all around the same time so you are never really too old and then you can give the toys and burp pads away? This picture was taken by my first granddaughter when she was 1, ok, I let her push the button, but she was completely taking pictures shortly after that. Honest, or so I remember. Anyway, these are the toys. All I know is that I cannot wait until bedtime and this precious child probably feels the same. Her Mom will be coming to snatch her away soon. Today I will be glad, she will be happier in her own house. Aren't we all when we're sick?