I am a Grandmother. This is the best time of my life.

I have decided this is incredibly special and I learn something new every single day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

earlier every day....

Each day that I actually hear my alarm I manage to get up a few minutes earlier than the day before. It was 6:40 today and it is now 10 pm. This is the latest I've gotten into my bed in a week. I do read once I'm there but my eyes don't stay open very long.
The weather warmed up and so I popped V into the stroller and we did a lot of walking.....with the dog of course.
I did get stopped by someone looking in my neighborhood because they want to downsize, she wants a house, her husband a condo. She LOVES the neighborhood because it's a minute from Saks Fifth Avenue. Priorities! So strange. (It is, literally, a minute. When I had a car accident a few years ago in that mall, the policeman looked at my license and my address, turned to me and said with a straight face"Why didn't you walk over here?")
Vivi spent the day finding new places to get into...see photo, and standing up in the middle of the room for seconds at a time and then laughing and acting very proud of herself. She will not let me help her though. Seems to be independent already, even when she eats. She also has been making a kissing noise with her lips that fascinates her, along with blowing, the way I do on her cereal. Evidently she can only do that with one finger in her mouth...very funny! I spent a lot of time laughing. Must be good for me because I don't look exhausted and sleep deprived. I look happy. I remember feeling this way when I watched Josie. Special times I could never replace and I am so lucky I can do this.

Slept fair last night.....and here is another problem related to how little I know. The sleep sack. I know it is important. I know it is safer than a blanket and keeps Vivi warm, but for some reason the constriction of it around her legs makes me crazy so I keep checking to make sure she isn't twisted up in it or isn't too cold or hot....Atlanta weather doesn't help at all ...one night it's 70, the next it's 30.
Cooked another healthy healthy dinner for all...it went better than yesterday mainly because I decided it would be easier if I ate Good & Plenty's instead of dinner and that way I could just keep waiting on the dog, Marty, and V....and then clean up. To top it off Marty went to Pinkberry and brought me a pomegranate yogurt. It sat well on the candy and it was the small size, so there.

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